Cycling is for everyone

Come, cycle and have fun

Exemplary cycling


The RDB Cycle Values

Our culture is driven by our values which act as our compass. The compass enables us to motivate and capture the imaginations of our members, enabling them not only to participate in our vision but to actively contribute to it.


Cycling is for everyone

We are committed to Diversity and Inclusivity within our club.

Everyone is welcome, irrespective of cycling ability, age, experience, gender, sexuality, race, nationality, beliefs and socio-economic circumstances. 

Recommended reading the Diversity in Cycling Report written by Andy Edwards of Kingston Wheelers and supported by British Cycling.


 Come, cycle and have fun

We love cycling! We want everyone to love cycling. 

Passionate, in no way elitist. 

We have built RDB Cycle to be welcoming and accessible. 


Exemplary Cycling

Setting an exemplary example for the wider cycling community, and all other road users. 

Engage in SAFE and RESPONSIBLE cycling ALWAYS!

Be mindful of our environment and how we can influence, and be perceived by, the local community. 

Why Join

RDB Cycle

Do you love cycling, challenging yourself and setting new goals?

We strive to inspire all of our members to:

1) Get out on their bikes and ride

2) Set crazy, unachievable milestones

3) SMASH their goals

4) Get out on their bikes and ride more